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Here are the seven winning project proposals 2018 by challenge participants.

Migration | Social inclusion

Connaction - Let's connect people together

Connaction is a project for refugees in Switzerland that purpose to reflect the culture of welcoming (Willkommenskultur) and the humanitarian tradition of Europe. The name "connaction" derives from the combination of "connecting" and "ac...
Democracy and participation | Migration

Act 9: FromPrison

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile" Act 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This act is is not effective, mainly becuase it was almost impossible to collect all data of all prisoners. We are m...
Migration | Education


Our project supports refugees in Europe who want to realize own business ideas. A series of training sessions facilitate the development of successful (social) business models, provide hands on guidance towards their implementation and e...
Migration | Communities

THE Port humanitarian technology hackathon 2016

THE Port, a safe space where ideas, expertise and the challenges facing the world can come to together and, driven by the needs of those living with the challenges, be tackled with new perspectives and innovative solutions. Taking proble...

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