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Communities | Urban development

Urban Jamming

Urban Jamming is a co-design project aimed to create collaborative networks to find alternative, low-cost and creative solutions to reactivate urban voids across Europe. The process is lean and fast, it has been already tested in Palermo...
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Happy and Common Good European Cities

European values are freedom, tolerance, unity, etc. And yet, we measure our welfare through GDP: What does GDP tell us about common good? We need to change the indicator if we want to change our lives. We want to co-create the first welf...
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

International Russian

The project implies a series of workshops on the development of creative spaces in the urban life and the creation of art objects, performances and flash mobs to make attention to the urgent problems of the society.
Communities | Urban development

Community-led Housing in Europe

Alongside public and private actors, organized inhabitant groups (Cooperatives, CLTs, Co-housing, etc.) play a crucial role in tomorrow’s sustainable urban development. In some Scandinavian and Swiss cities, civil society actors produce ...
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

Intramurs, trouble maker!

In the diversity of Europe there are many small scale soul mates: micro metropolitan areas (neighborhood, quarter) struggling, developing citizen participation exercises spontaneously, to protect the peculiarities and richness of that sp...
Environment | Urban development

European innovative approaches in the provision …

One of the main points of the United Nations Development Programe is the point - Access to improved water sources.The global objective of our project: Access to improved water sources, subsidies for payment of water consumption and heati...
Urban development | Education

Improvement of the financial literacy and …

The project is aimed at creation of favorable conditions for development of small and medium business, creation of new jobs and generation of new business formation. Implementation will consist of two stages: business education (obtainin...
Urban development

Virtual lost and found office with the …

Development of an information site of lost &found things, lost documents, lost animals with the ability to accommodate the loss or findings on the interactive map (online)
Social inclusion | Urban development

Lisbon State of Mind - You are the City!

Lisbon State of Mind is a platform where you can find and offer skills... Locally! The website is almost ready, but not online yet.

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