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INVPAL--> disabled/innovations/platform

Europe without barriers for all! INVPAL is the new social innovation platform that gives the power back to the people-all people.

One Caucasus

To create inspirational and safe space for meetings of young people from the Caucasus region

Young civic and socialpreneurs

Europe needs young socialpreneurs (social + entrepreneurs) with new ideas, projects, ways to solve current problems as well as to face new challenges and look for better results. Entrepreneurial education with civic engagement and social …

Little favors

Online game, that would show the users how important it is to break the cultural barriers within the society and that the actions of individuals affects the whole nations.

EDM connects Europe

Intercultural and international project that will connect ideas of young artists, musician's live act's and non-profit organizations supporting musical talents in the field of EDM from EU and candidate countries.

Initiative Silver Sharing (ISS)

Das Projekt sieht die Testung und Entwicklung der von uns erarbeiteten ISS vor, also die bürgerliche Aktivierung, Bildungsmaßnahmen und touristische Aktivitäten für Senioren im europäischen Kontext, durch die Schulung von Animatoren und Se…

Youth European Forum for New Ideas

The Future of the Youth. A cooperation project between youth organizations from Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

1HOUR4EUROPE – cross-sectoral, cross Europe

Imagine:In the year 2020, all citizens of every EU country will be able, as part of 1HOUR4EUROPE, to deliver a volunteer activity using dedicated funding. Let’s start: 1 city with a cross-sectoral partnership . All this with support of pri…

Open your lessons. Open your mind.

Lets open as much lessons in schools as possible! We have the tool - an Open Lesson workshop scenario which can be adjust to the needs of various groups - but we need a support to make it better, more effective and more fun.

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