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Good vibrations for body and mind come from music written by women. Women have always created music helping others to express themselves and connect to the world; now their original interactive programme introduces New Music to the mentall…
Urban development

Funding the Cooperative City

As a result of political restructuring and the economic crisis, local communities and citizen networks in many European cities emerged as new actors in urban development, helping establish parallel social services and welfare systems. “Fun…

Building Europe Together

«Italy=pizza+mafia»: a journey through 28 EU member States, to identify what images and stereotypes on EU citizens lie in the mind of children and teens, and see how they can become constructive visions for EU future in the hands of theatr…

ComiX4=2 Comics for Equality – Second Edition

Discover unpublished, unconventional comics by migrant artists, vote your favourite and get involved in our comics workshops to develop the Europe of tomorrow! We want it creative, participative, multicultural and inclusive. What about you?

The Elephant in the Room

Do you know the elephant who failed to break free from the chain that bound him to a tiny stake in the ground because he believed escape was impossible following his failure as a baby elephant? We often suffer in similar ways, accepting si…

Lampedusa: Lost and Found

An investigative trip to Lampedusa, aimed at giving voice to the many migrants who lost their lives while trying to reach the coasts of the Sicilian island.

European ConFOODsion

In the year of the Italian Expo, we want to realize a performance about food and a book of "symbolic" recipes, involving participants from all EU countries, in order to vehiculate the importance of food habits and values for conviviality, …

JUST Food – Human Rights beyond Borders

Take a country where the mafias are from, and another where they are now at home. Take debates on home & migration, labour exploitation & EU citizenship. Take NGOs fighting the mafias and researching on human trafficking. Take a top chef t…


an international workshop between Trieste, italy and Istria, Croatia for a group of young people from minority groups accross Europe. Together they write and shoot a short film, through a workshop lead by well known filmmakers.

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