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Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Reshaping Democracy Through Compassion

To overcome the crisis of creativity in project-based routine work of civic tech activists from broadly understood CEE region, we should look for new ways of designing more efficient and better-tailored changes to CEE and EU democracies. A…
Democracy and participation

Proud of Poland, proud of Europe

EU needs a new narrative in Poland. While EU support is high, it’s not deeply rooted and EU does not evoke emotions. Politicians are juxtaposing Polish sovereignty with EU membership to gain political capital. Anti-EU discourse is prevaili…
Democracy and participation

Access to information to counter fake news on EU

Austria, Hungary and Poland experience pressure on democratic space, have disastrously poor access to information rules and a prevailing culture of secrecy. To keep citizens informed, combat fake news about the EU and fight corruption, we …
Democracy and participation

Find your MEP in the 2019 elections

Citizens in the V4 region are not eager to participate in the elections to the European Parliament. We want to change it. We will encourage them to find the most suitable candidate and take part in the 2019 elections. We will provide them…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Taking the stage. Polyphonic manifesto for Europe

Experimental, polyphonic manifesto for Europe put forward by a social choir of amateurs and professionals of various disciplines, Poles, minorities and immigrants, enriched by artistic activities engaging the wider audience in the work cen…
Democracy and participation | Communities

The Voice of Hungary

How can democracy be re-made for the 21st century? How can the informed will of the people be discovered in an era of fake news, demagogic politicians and social media information cocoons? The answer: randomly select a representative sampl…
Democracy and participation

Scale EUP!

Scale EUP aims at connecting mentors with project carrier to accompany them growing their project at a european scale. It seek to provide projects with strategic support and to connect them with small donors communities.
Communities | Education

Youth advocacy approach to tackle obesity by …

Europe is fat, and is getting fatter. It is a worrying trend - obese people are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and other diseases. We want to get young people involved in highlighting the dangers of an unhea…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Wedding Banquet

The Wedding Banquet is a playful performative tool on the edge of contemporary performance practice, visual art and social science. It promotes understanding of culture that performs us. By taking a well-known format of the wedding celebra…

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