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Democracy and participation | Communities

The Voice of Hungary

How can democracy be re-made for the 21st century? How can the informed will of the people be discovered in an era of fake news, demagogic politicians and social media information cocoons? The answer: randomly select a representative sam...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Building a pan-European, progressive movement

Volt is a progressive political movement. Young Europeans are disillusioned by or disenfranchised with politics and traditional parties. A whole generation does not vote and consequently leaves the political space to populists and extrem...
Democracy and participation | Education

Academic Participatory Policymaking

Uneven stakeholder consultations advance the perception of the EU as a policymaker ‘behind-closed-doors’. When large corporations spent some €838 million for lobbying in Brussels, academics and small nonprofits have a much weaker positio...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Museum of Corruption / MoC/

MoC is an interdisciplinary stage for researching and displaying a virtual collection of clandestine transactions outside officially recognized channels; rumors, scandals, gossip that swirl around those cryptic relations. While creating ...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

“Food for Thought” (Enhancing social cohesion …

Through food related activities we will promote tolerance and cohesion. We work with the idea of food and the activities surrounding it, bearing also social meaning besides providing nutrition to our bodies. Our events will serve as a na...
Social inclusion

A private movie (about disability and freedom)

With his first documentary DUST the director spent few days in the Insitut for Mentally ill in Torino, Italy where 8 mentally and physically disabled people share with us their similiar and drastically individual stories: they have been ...
Democracy and participation | Education

Teaching Back Home in Ukraine

Support us to bring back young scientist to Ukraine!
Democracy and participation | Education

Generation Europe

Support young researchers from different places in Europe to jointly investigate their generation! In a uniquely participatory approach, students from diverse universities (Bochum, Graz, Lviv, Magdeburg, Olomouc, Vienna, …) will create a...
Environment | Urban development

Collaborative platform EL is a collaborative platform for research, experimentation and use of waste to build objects, spaces and systems, where the user community shares everything they do and how they do it, learning from it and collaborating w...

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