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Democracy and participation

TraceMap-Fighting Misinformation with Transparency

In social media, populist parties have found the perfect platforms for their deliberate use of misinformation to disturb and emotionalize political debates. In this setting, fact-based discussions have become virtually impossible. To tackl…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Incubator for Participatory Democracy in Europe

Across Europe, cities are experimenting with participatory democracy, in budgeting, in planning and in city services. Too often, those experiments are small-scale, disconnected and fail to transition from experiment to mainstream. The Incu…
Democracy and participation

Citizens’ Call for Transparent Trilogues

75% of EU legislation is decided behind closed doors in the so-called Trilogues, according to procedures that are not envisaged in the Treaties and are not transparent. EU legislation determines up to 80% of the laws that affect citizens' …
Democracy and participation | Education

Academic Participatory Policymaking

Uneven stakeholder consultations advance the perception of the EU as a policymaker ‘behind-closed-doors’. When large corporations spent some €838 million for lobbying in Brussels, academics and small nonprofits have a much weaker position.…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Melting Spot: Dance (MS

MS:D will provide a) a locally rooted international space for artistic exchange and (re)connection between migrated dance artists and their international peers. The focus lies on mutual exchange of knowledge and artistic practises and disc…
Democracy and participation | Education

European Projects Acceleration Lab Brussels

Platform that enables and empowers freelancers, start-ups and organizations to effectively access the European grants, improve their performances in European project building and management and improve their effective policy and lobby init…
Social inclusion | Migration

Let's make SINGA European! ...for stronger …

SINGA is a movement that uses community building and tech innovation to welcome, connect and learn from refugees to strengthen society. We do so by creating on- and offline platforms for refugees and local citizens to meet and co-create pr…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Civil Society for European Integration

The project works toward strengthening the capacities of CSOs in Macedonia to advocate at the European Institutions, especially those related to human rights and voice out the ideas and visions of marginalized groups. It will enable them t…
Democracy and participation | Education


Our idea is to create a website full of useful and easy-to-understand graphs. The graphs will be relevant to Europe – being social, political, economic or cultural aspects of European Affairs, it must contain data at least about 4 differen…

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