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Democracy and participation | Migration


Neo-Nationalism is endangering Europe. The claim for retro-sovereignity will not prohibit an upcoming post-Westphalian 21st century. Political imagination should take the lead over Realpolitik. Acknowledging the continuities of colonialism…
Migration | Education

Education as Advocacy: Giving Voice to Refugees

People fleeing conflict or desperate situations seek refuge in Europe, only to find that they are marginalized from public life and democratic participation. The aim of our project is to ensure the meaningful inclusion and participation of…
Democracy and participation | Education


Populism poisons the minds of youngsters with fear and untruth. Teachers try to cure it by preaching history books to digital natives. We think teens need to experience education as an engaging experience, so together with school kids aged…
Democracy and participation

Access to information to counter fake news on EU

Austria, Hungary and Poland experience pressure on democratic space, have disastrously poor access to information rules and a prevailing culture of secrecy. To keep citizens informed, combat fake news about the EU and fight corruption, we …
Democracy and participation | Education

Teaching Back Home in Ukraine

Support us to bring back young scientist to Ukraine!
Democracy and participation | Education

Generation Europe

Support young researchers from different places in Europe to jointly investigate their generation! In a uniquely participatory approach, students from diverse universities (Bochum, Graz, Lviv, Magdeburg, Olomouc, Vienna, …) will create a s…
Democracy and participation

50 Solopercussions collected from 50 european …

I am a artist making Performances concepts and engaged in Basic Income movement and Georg is a Top-Drummer. We re about to collect, if we re nominated, from each of the 50 listed countries a 10mn Solopercussion and put them in 50 different…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Melting Spot: Dance (MS

MS:D will provide a) a locally rooted international space for artistic exchange and (re)connection between migrated dance artists and their international peers. The focus lies on mutual exchange of knowledge and artistic practises and disc…

Real Life Simulation

We are Campus Europe in health economics and management. 4 European cities. 4 top universities. 1 joint Master’s degree. The motto "soft skills are the new hard skills" is the guideline for the Real Life Simulation in which today's and fu…

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