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Democracy and participation | Migration

Minority's demands: a chance to become actors

The project aims at increasing minorities’ participation in the democratic debate through the implementation of a civic media that empowers minorities to make their political needs debated. The civic media will also add transparency to de…
Democracy and participation

Euroland Agora

Do you believe the citizens are represented when it comes to the decision and policy making processes of the EU? We believe there is room for improvement in that direction and we're developing an innovative way to contribute to that connec…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Next Generation Speaks (NGS) -

Challenge youth from various cultures/classes to find, develop, present, and apply their voices for social change
Democracy and participation | Migration

RISE, Refugees' Ideas and Solutions for Europe

For decades, refugee and migrant communities settled in Europe have been the bridges between newcomers and receiving societies, providing all kind of support and developing local solutions. RISE aims at ensuring refugee and migrant groups …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

S.CAr.SE. (Solidarity, Community Art, Social …

What if a jobless opera crew, a refugee group, a website developer, a solidarity center in a deprived area joined forces? We aim to learn by facilitating it. In a crisis-ridden country, solidarity structures emerged manifesting social resi…
Democracy and participation | Migration


This project will contribute to a more informed public debate on the situation of refugees, and to advocate for structured, long-term pan-European responses to the crisis. We will empower the community addressing the crisis -- including jo…
Democracy and participation

Citizens of Europe

There is a forgotten Europe, the Europe of remote and marginalized communities. Our project will give youth in these spaces all over Europe a voice, listen to what Europe means to them, as well as capture and share their stories. This will…
Democracy and participation | Communities

People Powered Policy Jam

Our world is changing fast, new challenges appear every day and the long-term ones intensify. The old ways of dealing with problems don't keep pace with the tempo and citizens feel excluded from the decision-making. To strengthen the socia…
Democracy and participation | Communities

School Of All Relations

Only together we can build a healthier world. In order to truly function together, we need collaboration to prevail over competition, appreciation over criticism, trust over distrust, love over fear. All this can be learned. The learning s…

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