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Arts and cultural activities | Migration

"Zorbas goes to Brussels"

Everyone knows and loves Zorbas the movie and the song. But who knows that Zorbas was actually an immigrant? 5 youth from Greece will start an allegorical trip as today is being made by thousands from immigrants and refugees every day. Fro…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

People stories: moving on the borderline

“People stories:Moving on the borderline” uses the art of visual image as a weapon to combat prejudices against the migration crisis. 4 documentaries, 1 Instagram photo-collage, 2 animation videos, 4 Greek border-islands & 10 border cities…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Next Generation Speaks (NGS) -

Challenge youth from various cultures/classes to find, develop, present, and apply their voices for social change
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Veni Vidi Comedi - The European Cooking Project

Thousands of European young people have to solve their daily issue of alimentation while lacking time,money and experience.Lots of them end up buying food of poor quality.The project aims at creating a community discussing about how to pre…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


“We Have More In Common” is a creative approach to introduce and explore social challenges. The European family is facing monumental dilemmas. People are asked to cope overnight with extreme social reshuffles and landscapes. Thus, we wish …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

S.CAr.SE. (Solidarity, Community Art, Social …

What if a jobless opera crew, a refugee group, a website developer, a solidarity center in a deprived area joined forces? We aim to learn by facilitating it. In a crisis-ridden country, solidarity structures emerged manifesting social resi…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


Interactive multimedia installations, workshops and debates mainly in Italy and Cyprus, to better know how Europe and Europeans are facing migrants and refugees crisis, to involve and get involved as citizens and human beings, starting fro…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Breaking boundaries, building bridges

Three playwrights coming from 3 European countries will work with a group of 9-12 young Greek playwrights on the creation of one-act plays around the subject of crisis and how it affects people’s lives. Also a group of actors will be avail…
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development


Athens has more than 1200 vacant buildings that like many other European cities are dotting the post-crises urban landscape. There have been many attempts to address this issue, but none has been developed properly. Therefore we think it i…

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