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Democracy and participation

Scale EUP!

Scale EUP aims at connecting mentors with project carrier to accompany them growing their project at a european scale. It seek to provide projects with strategic support and to connect them with small donors communities.
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building post

The post-growth future lacks inspiring stories. Research & Degrowth France wishes to build post-growth narratives. The processes will involve constructive dialogue to find an alternative path beyond the competition/closure dichotomy; at sc…
Democracy and participation

Euroland Agora

Do you believe the citizens are represented when it comes to the decision and policy making processes of the EU? We believe there is room for improvement in that direction and we're developing an innovative way to contribute to that connec…
Democracy and participation | Migration


Support the leading multilingual European news and debate platform! As the refugee crisis and its mishandling by EU leaders is threatening to tear Europeans apart, jeopardising European integration and tarnishing Europe’s image abroad, we …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


What if the trial was one of the most accurate ways to discuss about Europe? With our concept of dramatized trial, we want to respond in an innovative way to the rejection of European issues among a growing number of citizens. Residents,…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Giving (Photo)Voice to rural communities across …

The project aims at involving communities from rural areas across Europe in a participatory process using PhotoVoice, a method combining photography with grassroots social action to discuss, understand and identify challenges and prioritie…
Education | Democracy and participation

Educap City - The Citizens Days

Educap City is a french prevention and sensibilisation program with 2 axes : fighting discriminations and bringing awareness about handicap for children from 9 to 10 ; organising a city raid for 11-13 years, using sport as pedagogic and ed…
Democracy and participation | Education

Model European Union London 2016

2016 is a decisive year for the UK’s relationship with the EU. Regardless of how young people are going to vote in the referendum, it is worrying how few of them know how the EU works in practice. The Model European Union London 2016 confe…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Commons Watch Europe

Across Europe there is a surge in initiatives taking responsibility for their direct environment in a collaborative way, a true civic renaissance. Commons Watch Europe aims to launch the process of a shared political vision, strategy & ag…

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