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Democracy and participation | Education

European Projects Acceleration Lab Brussels

Platform that enables and empowers freelancers, start-ups and organizations to effectively access the European grants, improve their performances in European project building and management and improve their effective policy and lobby init…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Civil Society for European Integration

The project works toward strengthening the capacities of CSOs in Macedonia to advocate at the European Institutions, especially those related to human rights and voice out the ideas and visions of marginalized groups. It will enable them t…
Democracy and participation | Education


Our idea is to create a website full of useful and easy-to-understand graphs. The graphs will be relevant to Europe – being social, political, economic or cultural aspects of European Affairs, it must contain data at least about 4 differen…
Democracy and participation


We live in times of big things: almighty multinationals, superpowers & big deals made by big shots. There is little space left for "small things" of our everyday life. But why big things seem to be so overwhelming? Why we do not perceive b…
Democracy and participation | Communities

European Proactivity Week (EPW)

The European Proactivity Week is a special week of events organized by civil society organizations, informal groups, interest clubs, associations, dedicated to the celebration of proactivity, voluntary work, civic participation, personal d…
Democracy and participation | Migration


Support the leading multilingual European news and debate platform! As the refugee crisis and its mishandling by EU leaders is threatening to tear Europeans apart, jeopardising European integration and tarnishing Europe’s image abroad, we …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


A way out of the deadlock preventing institutional change that's on the horizon. Involve young people in a new process using technology and art as a tool for visualizing and shaping change. Building on social technologies such as Open spac…
Democracy and participation

Transform Europe

There is a clear need at present for a broad, European, cross-sectoral, civil society alliance that is dedicated to ensuring the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the EU & its Member States. European C…
Democracy and participation

The Binder

It is well known that women are underrepresented in public debates with on average only 20% of speakers being women. This statistic is a key indicator of gender inequality. The Binder is the first pan-European cross-sector platform for wom…

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