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Social inclusion | Urban development

astronomy-rules for +democracy & world-wide-wealth

Paradise on Earth – an astronomy approach. In 100 years: 1% firms survive – vs 99,999…% stars. I invented the time- & space- formulas and applied astronomy-rules on economy and politics. I used: 1. Star-Birth-Energy: as LWB (Lifetime-Worki…
Environment | Urban development


Combine active heritage renovation and slow tourism. Tackle the challenges faced by declining territories. Experiment new modes of human settlement, alternative ways of living and sustainable economic developments. Make use of existing …
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

Sur l´eau

Sur l´eau treats the topics of public accessibility of water, ways of using water space in a city and thus water as public space: by working on developing, programming and designing a public quay and access to the water at Kraftwerk Bille …
Social inclusion | Urban development

IMBY - In My Backyard

For refugees, there is no environment more thrilling than big cities. But for them it may also be the long way home. IMBY enables locals and refugees to step in and participate in a new form of hospitality. The project proposes owners to …

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