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Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Euro Babble

Euro Babble is an online magazine for regular citizens. It will feature in-depth investigative pieces on key underreported European issues and regions, translations of compelling local European news stories that slipped under the radar, hu…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Conflict Transformation in South East Turkey

The project aims to empower human rights and other civil activists in South East Turkey by enhancing their capacity to employ nonviolent strategies and instruments, as well as their knowledge of community building and unarmed civilian prot…
Communities | Urban development

CIVICS projects & data for interactive democracy

CIVICS is a Commons Initiative involving more than 3600 citizen initiatives in 29 Ibero-American cities across 16 countries. It articulates their local dynamics with a hybrid platform of workshops & software to implement, improve their age…
Social inclusion | Communities

com_kit . community kitchen

Investment in community. Benefit from existing resources. We build a mobile kitchen and serve locations that are temporarily vacant. The community hosted pop-up kitchen is installed! com_kit involves people with diverse cultural backgroun…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Organise for change

A growing number of people take action in order to fight for social justice – democratically, in solidarity, and with emancipatory intent. Many of them have successfully brought about change. Yet many were not able to reach their goals - o…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Take back nationalism! United in nationalism

We want to give nuances to the term nationalism, as it is often portrayed en a very one-dimensional way in mainstream media. Furthermore, the project aims to promote cultural understanding across border and cherish a multifaceted Europe. …
Democracy and participation | Communities

A Collaborative Approach to Revitalizing Democracy

We will facilitate conversations about equal rights, democratic values, responsible citizenship and wise governance. Collective intelligence is a set of learnable skills and behaviors that are key to sustaining our democratic institutions …

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