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Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Commons for Europe 2019

Systemic crises in Europe have damaged trust in democratic representation. Meanwhile, many crises have been met with fresh alternatives using the collaborative practices of the Commons. Europe, as a beacon of progressive values, can lead t…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Go Deep Game: playing for democratic inclusion

Go Deeps’ objective is to engage citizens of diverse backgrounds in deeper dialogue when transforming community and cities; increasing mutual understanding and participation, through dynamic, fun approaches. True inclusion is not where a m…
Social inclusion | Education

Building Bridges Between Young People

Schools across Europe can play a crucial role for building bridges among young people from different backgrounds. Many inspirational initiatives exist but get no recognition. The IAIE plans to identify and give recognition to best practice…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Injecting physical play into everyday life

When was the last time you really let yourself play? KNOT Kollektiv finds inspiration in contemporary dance, circus and theatre, especially activism and a desire to give art a new space in modern society. They are passionate about inclu…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Di I Belong

The notion of ‘belonging’ – which is both a fundamental human emotion and a political project, and all about ways of being different and managing difference – is a valuable prism through which we can consider the other key problems that th…

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