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Democracy and participation | Communities

Fearless Cities Warsaw summit

In Poland we are the inhabitants of very specific cities, recently transformed from central planning to free market environment. This is why our role in redefining the urban space and improving the quality of life in our cities is in our v…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

SPORT Commoning and Co-creation

Informative and inspirational pop-up exhibition & program on Commoning and Co-creation of SPORT for promoting and developing trans-local alternatives to the current industrialised sport world most often manipulated by financial interests, …
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Kolping Youth for a common Europe

The Kolping Youth Europe will invite young persons from 20 countries in Europe to develop local activities-debates, workshops and flash mobs connected with the European values and identity. Local groups of youngsters will promote EU values…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Girls will run the world

Feminism has become a headlining topic. We can see it in the mainstream media with campaigns such as #Metoo or Times up, with high profile women from the film and television industries standing against sexual harassment. If we hear those w…
Democracy and participation | Education

PAWS - People for Animal Welfare Solidarity

Animal welfare advocacy, and most specifically re-homing of stray dogs from the Western Balkans into homes in Western Europe represents a cooperation that is active, ongoing, and that has sprung into existence on the basis of real needs. H…
Democracy and participation | Education

Politics for dummies

Being a relatively young democracy, Croatia suffers from regular breaches of democratic norms and laws by top politicians engaged in the Government and the Parliament, while citizens are willing to allow conflicts of private, particular an…

European passport

How to become a culturaly aware society ? I see answer in education the young generation. Education of young generation will reduce cultural intolerance. Making lecutes and educational workshope through traditional cusine of all European c…
Social inclusion | Migration

Violated Rights

Anthology series about human rights and related current issues (modern slavery, discrimination, migration, bullism, domestic violence, "children left behind"). Each episode uses a different audio-visual style (eg. theatrical, video-art) an…

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