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Democracy and participation | Environment

The Rights of Nature! Empowering Citizens to …

Existing environmental protection models have failed because they reside in a paradigm that treats Nature as property.Through awareness, education, dialogue and community engagement, our existing team in 7 EU countries will unite the peopl…
Environment | Education

Travelling Sustainability Coaches

Many students initiatives in Europe focus on sustainable development in order to build a livable future but many experience struggles. We want to face these challenges and combine activities, so that everybody benefits as much as possible …
Environment | Communities

From Ashes

The project starts with the creation of a paper city, echoing the actual city in which the project is located, and built by its citizens in collaboration with the artists. For the installation, the city is submerged in ash, and visitors to…
Environment | Communities

Open Source Circular Economy

Today's economy is based on a linear take-make-waste model where waste is growing rapidly. To solve this problem, we need a circular economy that reuses, repairs, remanufactures and recycles products and materials. We believe, for our econ…
Environment | Education

Global Youth Rising: Peace Summer Camp

A space in the mountains for youth activists and peacebuilders from around the world to develop skills and knowledge, share experiences and collaborate together on new projects
Environment | Communities

The People’s Design Lab

The People´s Design Lab gives citizens a way to challenge waste by redesigning waste-creating products. 80% of waste from a product is built in at design stage, hidden from public view and understanding. The Peoples Design Lab gives the fi…

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