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Democracy and participation | Communities


INNOVADVENTURE challenge is a gamified, easy to scale 4-day format reclaiming ownership of society's solutions back in the hands of the people.It connects depopulating rural areas and elderly people living there with urban youngsters for m…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Tool for grassroots policy making

We are building an online tool to empower citizens from across the EU, acknowledge best practices and experts and enable local government officials to better understand the will of their citizens and engage them in problem solving. Our pla…
Communities | Education


2 days conference dealing with the health significance of vitamin B12 deficiency. 1st day – for medical practitioners. Guest speakers: Sally M. Pacholok & Jeffrey J.Stuart (authors of the USA bestseller “Could It Be B12?”), researchers …
Environment | Communities

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The idea of the project proposal is to become a “bearer of change” in addressing environmental risks in agriculture uniting farmers and scientific communities in a network and involving them as active participants in risk assessment, preve…

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