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Democracy and participation | Communities

European Proactivity Week (EPW)

The European Proactivity Week is a special week of events organized by civil society organizations, informal groups, interest clubs, associations, dedicated to the celebration of proactivity, voluntary work, civic participation, personal d…
Social inclusion | Communities

Let's play football, cook and share !

Imagine an European Roma football team formed by Roma MEPs, doctors, university teachers, ministries, architects, engineers, scientists, artists and famous Roma football players, traveling across Europe, playing football, cooking and shari…

City that Makes. A Strategy Kit for re

There is a realisation that industry needs to return to cities. The question is where and how. We aim to provide the knowledge and tools for local communities, organisations and entrepreneurs to grow a creative and resilient local economy …
Arts and cultural activities | Communities


Europe right now is in the middle of a cultural crisis. Being European is for many people a vague and indefinite concept. 112 artists and 28 curators from each country of EU aiming to give Europe its own European identity with the strength…
Environment | Communities

Diapers Cycle

Growing fruit trees from baby diapers? Strong communities where people interact with each other? Fighting climate change? Yes, yes and yes. Coming from an art experiment in collaboration with soil scientists, micro-biologists, engineers an…
Communities | Education


Imagine you get students out of the classroom andget streetyouth to move from their corner. Imagine they learn to work together to build community-led entreprise projects. Many challenges come from a lack of relationship, sharing of knowle…
Communities | Urban development

Community-led Housing in Europe

Alongside public and private actors, organized inhabitant groups (Cooperatives, CLTs, Co-housing, etc.) play a crucial role in tomorrow’s sustainable urban development. In some Scandinavian and Swiss cities, civil society actors produce mo…
Environment | Communities

The People’s Design Lab

The People´s Design Lab gives citizens a way to challenge waste by redesigning waste-creating products. 80% of waste from a product is built in at design stage, hidden from public view and understanding. The Peoples Design Lab gives the fi…

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