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Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Wedding Banquet

The Wedding Banquet is a playful performative tool on the edge of contemporary performance practice, visual art and social science. It promotes understanding of culture that performs us. By taking a well-known format of the wedding celebra…
Migration | Arts and cultural activities

Let's meet!

Our idea based on creating an internet platform which will be a base of the most necessary information about Poland, directed at Ukrainian who have been already staying in our country but also to them who are planning to come. The base wil…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

The true meaning of Satire against Hate Speech …

Mine Vaganti NGO will implement a 7 day open awareness raising seminar aimed at sensitizing the general public, and in particular youth categories, about the potential of Satire a tool of active citizenship as well as a powerful instrumen…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Futurespotters Lab

Futurespotters Lab is a blend of physical and virtual, international and local residency that reinvents modern collectivity - by co-living, co-working and stewarding underused assets. It’s a sandbox for the potential that creative individu…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Next Generation Speaks (NGS) -

Challenge youth from various cultures/classes to find, develop, present, and apply their voices for social change
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

STRANGERS ante portas

In this time of vast migration in Europe, we involve young people in seeking opinions about strangers: immigrants, new people in a class, new neighbours, etc. Teenage student TV reporters from Poland and Italy will interview teenagers, stu…
Arts and cultural activities | Education


We would like to organise a several days’ duration meeting of exhibitioners of the NGO GFPS, which is arranged every semester in different cities of DE, PL and CZE. At this rally are presented exhibitioners’ projects, due to which they gai…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Who says “yes”, who says “no”

Ultranationalistic narratives are gaining wider acceptance in various countries. The contexts and arguments for those narratives may vary, but the results are always the same-exclusion and elimination. A group of artists will analyze the s…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

By changes is closer to Europe

Georgians declared intention to become part of the European community, but because of fact that Georgia - one of the past Soviet republics in many areas of public life, still felt influence of the Soviet Union, unfortunately our museum als…

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