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Environment | Urban development

Co-creation for resilient cities

The project tackles the need for European cities to increase local communities’ capacity to respond to environmental hazards and stresses. We will develop a methodology for co-creation of solutions to urban hazards, by mixing the experienc…
Environment | Education

Travelling Sustainability Coaches

Many students initiatives in Europe focus on sustainable development in order to build a livable future but many experience struggles. We want to face these challenges and combine activities, so that everybody benefits as much as possible …
Environment | Education

Building partnerships among students, staff and …

This project brings together 30 students, staff, researchers, journalists, policy-makers and NGO representatives working on sustainability at universities across Europe. Through two multi-stakeholder dialogues and 5 online working groups, …
Environment | Education

The E

The E-waste race combines education with a hands on project to reduce e-waste in cities and communities. Per race 10 schools compete in a four week competition to collect as much electronic waste as possible. Neighbors can easily offer…
Environment | Education

Global Youth Rising: Peace Summer Camp

A space in the mountains for youth activists and peacebuilders from around the world to develop skills and knowledge, share experiences and collaborate together on new projects

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