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Social inclusion | Communities

What Makes Them Happy (WMTH)

Happiness is the ultimate pursuit of any human being. In daily rush we often forget that there are more things uniting than dividing us. WMTH will let you discover what makes firemen and businesswoman happy, Spaniards in Latvia and Romania…
Social inclusion | Communities

Unsung Heroes for Happier Europe

Kindness is free, viral and trans-cultural. An act of kindness is inspiring daily change by touching hearts everywhere across our planet as it goes beyond any cultural, racial or geographical divides. We all know these people who bring the…
Social inclusion | Education

Step by Step: How to be the BEST of the BEST

A 4 day camp, where high quality soft skill trainin is provided by experienced local and international trainers. The participants of this camp will be students of Riga Technical university, who, being technically educated, still lack soft …

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