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Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

European Dreaming

Our idea is to strengthen European Cultural Identity in the hearts of people in Europe, but not only there. Dreaming is not subject to the regulations of time and space. Still, this is where we live and where that dreaming roots, so we...
Democracy and participation | Education

Model European Union London 2016

2016 is a decisive year for the UK’s relationship with the EU. Regardless of how young people are going to vote in the referendum, it is worrying how few of them know how the EU works in practice. The Model European Union London 2016 con...
Social inclusion | Migration


Our goal is to bridge the language gap between newly arrived individuals and local services. We do this by connecting people who have time to offer with people who need help. This might be translating appointments at public authorities, ...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Welcome to Europe Radio

The refugee crisis is the most serious risk to European cohesion in decades. Integration will be the challenge of a generation. Our “Welcome to Europe” radio station will create a public shared space for refugees and citizens, broadcasti...

Пеперуда peperuda

peperuda works on the identification of needs and challenges of local initiatives in the area of education and helps them by transferring experience from examples of “good practice” elsewhere in Europe. peperuda brings people together to...
Migration | Education

Your Pain is my Pain - Memorials of the Present

A major challenge for European cohesion and shared values of equality and democracy is the rise of xenophobic political and social movements aimed at excluding new comers and non-majority populations from civic participation. This projec...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

"Fence Corridor"

“Fence Corridor” breaks stereotypes and prejudices of the people who are living on the path of the refugees, from the islands of Greece, through Macedonia and other Balkan countries, to their final destination, Ruhr, Germany.

Civil Academy Culture and Politics

Cultural politics and civic education are key concepts for codetermination. Yet, do we fully understand and successfully using the potentials inherent in the interfaces of both terms? With the help of an international network-cooperation...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Writers Unite Ukraine and Europe

Literature drives culture via novels, film scenarios, theatre plays, poetry and lyrics to music. Re-integration of Ukraine into EU in culture needs to build on exchanges in literature. The process must be open, all-inclusive, transparent...

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