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Democracy and participation | Education

Generation Europe

Support young researchers from different places in Europe to jointly investigate their generation! In a uniquely participatory approach, students from diverse universities (Bochum, Graz, Lviv, Magdeburg, Olomouc, Vienna, …) will create a s…
Democracy and participation

Scale EUP!

Scale EUP aims at connecting mentors with project carrier to accompany them growing their project at a european scale. It seek to provide projects with strategic support and to connect them with small donors communities.
Democracy and participation | Education

European Meeting Point for Youth

The European Meeting Point for Youth is a creative space designed for the international youth in an office complex located in Frankfurt am Main. The goal will be workshops concerning three topics, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Education” and…
Democracy and participation | Communities


INNOVADVENTURE challenge is a gamified, easy to scale 4-day format reclaiming ownership of society's solutions back in the hands of the people.It connects depopulating rural areas and elderly people living there with urban youngsters for m…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Tell History Industrial Europe

Industrial zones across Europe contain countless histories that help define our identity. Heavily damaged during WWII, they face similar challenges in a globalised economy, witnessing major demographic shifts & downturns. We train citizen …
Democracy and participation | Migration

Yourope Matters

The project will provide 150 young people, incl. migrants and refugees, in Western, South and South Eastern Europe with unprecedented opportunities to express their views and make their innovative contributions to the European debate. They…
Democracy and participation


The European Citizens' Initiative could be a powerful institution to empower participation in Europe. But the process to launch an initiative is complicated. In some European Countries, you have to provide your ID number, in others you don…
Democracy and participation | Migration

Jugend Rettet

Jugend Rettet is an organization founded by a group of young people who want to do something against the continuous dying of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. For this purpose, we will buy and renovate a ship to perform professional marit…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building post

The post-growth future lacks inspiring stories. Research & Degrowth France wishes to build post-growth narratives. The processes will involve constructive dialogue to find an alternative path beyond the competition/closure dichotomy; at sc…

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