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Arts and cultural activities | Environment

Igrayja - Collect experiences

Creating an adventurous game out in the nature, in which the participants will become spectators of artistic performance. The performance will appear as a result of solving of different tasks -parts of the game (riddles, maps, hidden pl...
Arts and cultural activities

Museum of Almost Lost Movements

The ‘Museum of Almost Lost Movements’ is a project that focuses on preserving the almost intangible cultural heritage of motion. Many moves and motions seem to have lost functionality and/or societal relevance in our modern day world. T...
Arts and cultural activities

Kids take over museums in Eastern Europe.

Nowadays kids in Eastern Europe experience museums as places of punishing boredom, unnecessary silence, uninviting coldness, and so many rules that no one is allow to talk. The same applies to the everlasting guided tours. What if we tur...

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