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Democracy and participation | Education

Teaching Back Home in Ukraine

Support us to bring back young scientist to Ukraine!
Democracy and participation | Education

Generation Europe

Support young researchers from different places in Europe to jointly investigate their generation! In a uniquely participatory approach, students from diverse universities (Bochum, Graz, Lviv, Magdeburg, Olomouc, Vienna, …) will create a s…

Real Life Simulation

We are Campus Europe in health economics and management. 4 European cities. 4 top universities. 1 joint Master’s degree. The motto "soft skills are the new hard skills" is the guideline for the Real Life Simulation in which today's and fu…

Real Life Simulation. High level decision making …

Soft skills are the new hard skills. Eu-HEM, the European Master in Health Economics & Management prepares students to be employed in staff and executive positions in an international context. A key to a career in this sector is awareness…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Route 28

Route28 is a European journey in the middle of your city! At this 1-day event, you will be able to truly feel 28 countries at 28 stations and experience the European influences we are surrounded with on a daily basis.
Education | Social inclusion

Searching for the Prospects of a Shared …

In today’s Europe, against the growing prejudices of the understanding of a shared community, we’d like to create a public space that can give 10-12 years old school children a chance to better know each other and respect/embrace/recognize…
Communities | Education


We believe in power of communities and their people whose energy can bring a real and sustainable change. Social entrepreneurship has a great potential to transform ideas into actions, helping NGO workers to support communities in solving …
Migration | Education

Language Switching

Together with asylum seekers, unaccompanied refugee minors and tutors German storybooks are translated into the first language of the refugees. The translations are positioned over the German text in a way that allows for folding it up and…

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