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Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Inclusive Society is the Future of Europe

Inclusive society is the future of Europe. With this motto we suggest modeling inclusive society in two post-socialist European states, Armenia and Bulgaria, where exclusion of people with disabilities is still an alarming issue. To challe…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Who says “yes”, who says “no”

Ultranationalistic narratives are gaining wider acceptance in various countries. The contexts and arguments for those narratives may vary, but the results are always the same-exclusion and elimination. A group of artists will analyze the s…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Children of Post

Alternative systems of childcare are crucial for children whose biological families are unable to raise them. In such systems, states must be attentive to children’s voices, as they possess unique knowledge of their lives and have the righ…
Democracy and participation

“Gyumri: The city of YOUth” Media Project

The role of young people in terms of healthy functioning of the society is significant in all the countries. Youth in Gyumri, which is considered as the second largest city of Armenia faces plenty of problems. There is a huge need of not …
Arts and cultural activities | Democracy and participation


MIX is a creative artistic-scientific collaboration between young chemists and interactive theatre artists from Armenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Young professionals will produce a 30-minute interactive scientific show for schoolchi…
Democracy and participation | Education

Alternative Media School

Alternative Media School intends to involve 30 young people from Armenia and Turkey in 8 day journey of discovering one another through learning Media Literacy, Information Technologies and Citizen Journalism, producing media, working in m…

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