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E3 - Open and Live Explosion Event Monitoring

Science for Peace: Use of explosives especially in urban areas is the defining phenomenon of the last and current century. E3 aims to reduce such excesses of violence by collecting live and open scientific hard evidence by multi-sensor tec…

garten(T)räume - Kunst für jeden Raum

Mittels ihres intuitiven Wissens erschließen Künstler aus ganz Europa über vier digital vernetzte Künstlerresidenzen in vier europäischen Städten neue urbane Räume, an denen Nachhaltigkeit und Partizipation aber auch interkulturelle Begegn…


The way we represent our world is a vision of who we are, as it is of our future. TAKE OFF AND LANDING is an inspiring flying database, co-elaborated with european inhabitants. It promotes knowledge exchanges and cooperative values to impr…

MAC 2015

MAC 2015 aims to establish long-term working relationships within Europe operating at the interface of various scientific disciplines united by photonics, to inspire scientists in academia and industry to push boundaries, generate original…

Studies Without Borders

Studierende in Europa setzen sich für Studierende in Kriegs- und Krisenregionen ein.

European Year for Development

Année européenne du développement: Affichons les couleurs !

The European City Survival Kit --

You are an expatriate, new in an unknown European city and need good tips to survive. Cafébabel thought about you and will develop a citizen web app available on your smartphone that will allow you to meet other Europeans, provide you with…

Artlabo // Post-Anthropocene Europe

Artlabo is an interdisciplinary lab exploring new ways of thinking the actual environmental challenges and aiming at stimulating a civic debate on a post-Anthropocene Europe.

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