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From university graduates to knowledge producers

How does Europe look like from the perspective of those who were failed by promises of education? And how instead of failing they are reinventing Europe as we know it?

Memory Traces

Memory Traces is a project for recovering memory through home movies. We want to continue our four years of research and practice with collectives and institutions to build a European shared digital Home Movie Archive. This will be a rich …

Modern troubadour

A travel through the many different villages in Europe. Photographies and stories, Virtual Reality, and the real-time streaming of a modern troubadour that will bring the people of Europe closer to each other.

Needdo: Social Innovation Program

Needdo is a nest for social innovation projects started up by young people.

Experiencing the crisis

How have social movements articulated their demands across Europe during the crisis? How are these movements building a shared political agenda aimed at changing Europe? The project will build on the experiences of local social movements a…

TRANSLOCATIONS. Temporary experince, artistic …

TRANSLOCATIONS connects artistic practices and social space to explore the impacts of contemporary mobility phenomena in local urban contexts. With workshops and participatory artistic projects, we want to stimulate collective creation and…


A cultural journey across Europe´s lost recipes, involving all member States, with the scope of bringing together cultural heritage, European society and consolidation of brotherhood in order to to encourage our value of unity and sharing …

Two workshops, youth from three european …

Workshops in Berlin an Nápoli , in which youth from 3 european countries generate a photo exhibition about a young look at an european issue (work/public space/inmigracion). The product to be published online and shown in 3 cities.

EUrekas - sharing ideas

If you are an innovator, entrepreneur, creator, idea generator or just a curious person, EUrekas will be your creative space, your innovative network and meeting point.

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