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The Contract: I know what I sign

The Contract is an innovative social platform which translates the general terms and conditions of major multinational organizations in plain language as for people without legal education.

Look and Don't Forget, Know and React

Strengthening of Roma identity is necessary, in the view of creating environment where Roma can grow free from discrimination and confident about our identity and future perspectives while appreciating our history, plural cultural backg…


Transforming poverty into empowerment by designing the POWERTY LAB – a holistic model for enterprise opportunities in the field of arts and creative industries created with the active support of the local community and European citizens.

Approaches to Happiness 3: Sensual Urban Therapy

“Sensual Urban Therapy” is about increasing awareness of our body and senses, and in consequence of our natural ability of feeling physical well-being and stillness of mind – both closely related to happiness and successful social interact…


You want to change the world. Today. Congratulations, you have come to the right place! Youthlandia is the ideas hub for young people across Europe who wish to commit to social entrepreneurship. Already intoxicated? Then join us in matchin…

Project 208

Our mission is to show the true meaning of history, values and heritage. The stories of the people are the true historical and cultural heritage and we want to present them, in order to make people proud of their kin. We will start with Bu…


Yourope is an entertaining strategy game which provides knowledge from various areas for the European countries using a competitive element between the players.

R.O.[rights & obligations]

Game, that puts players into law regulated real-life situations from fields like work, consumers, police, legal entities, deals, family, heritage and finance. The initiative deals with the social problem of the low or lack of legal culture…

Roma Cyclist Point

Improving the conditions for the basic activity of Roma will keep them at home.The RCP integrates the 3 aspects of sustainability-economic, social and environmental. In economic terms, the activities will have a real impact on the finances…

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