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These are the winning initiatives of the past 5 years. Change the filter to the left if you would like to see more ideas.


a performance art and civic activism project …

Óm, Ó-am, Ohm, Ogham Tongue Ties and Tree Speech. Invent your own orchestra and opera of living language.

EDIT Festival

For the EDIT FESTIVAL we are bringing Europe´s best Artists to Lübeck. The age of the art for Video has come. Feel the VISUAL & AUDIO EXPERIENCE.

Inspiring Europe

Europeans need to be re-inspired about Europe in order to solve the urgent problems of the Union today.

City thinkers – new schools for new generation

Young people are offered only commercial activities for spending free time in cities. Public spaces and other activities shall disappear, there is no space in the school curriculum for topics like these. Who will decide on the development…

Stop Death Penalty in Europe

Belarus is the last country in Europe where death penalty is used as the highest measure of punishment. This project is a about making the Belarusians to stop it.


Was wäre, wenn das Publikum der Europapolitik nicht auf 28 Stadien verteilt wäre, in denen 28 verschiedene Spiele laufen, sondern alle das gleiche Spiel verfolgen würden?

The Contract: I know what I sign

The Contract is an innovative social platform which translates the general terms and conditions of major multinational organizations in plain language as for people without legal education.

Welcome to Europe, we are not different, we are …

The aim of the project is to • Show Europeans that every person is unique and valuable • Connect the whole Europe through the idea of tolerance and acceptance of each other • Give Europeans a chance to be a part of an innovative art form,…

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