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Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Kolping Youth for a common Europe

The Kolping Youth Europe will invite young persons from 20 countries in Europe to develop local activities-debates, workshops and flash mobs connected with the European values and identity. Local groups of youngsters will promote EU values…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion


Our aim is to initiate a broad cross-border consultation process based on “offline” citizens’ conventions linked to e-participation, e.g. an APP, to collect citizens’ ideas for the future of Europe. These ideas will serve as an input to “e…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

o d i s s e i a

Are there political positions you just do not understand? You do not want to understand? We invite three different opinions about one topic (any you can think of) to be shared in a chat-room. One mediator assists you in exchanging your o…
Social inclusion

unlearning social roles to enable equality

Systemic disadvantages that privilege one but oppress the other - nobody wants that. Women don't want to be discriminated against and frankly men do not want to hinder their self-expression either. Some systemic injustices are based on the…
Social inclusion | Education

Let´s Go Viral!

Sexual health affects everyone. However, young people - especially in Germany - have little access to engaging information online. This is a missed opportunity to prevent harm, fear and social exclusion. We create a fun and interactive soc…
Social inclusion | Communities

Crowdfunding meets Hospitality

Nightbank aims to build an international community that shares sleeping space to support social and ecological initiatives. Its platform lets tourists find a place to sleep in cities around the world. This accommodation is provided by the …
Social inclusion | Migration

Жінки! Fostering Mutual Empowerment for Women IDPs

Ukraine’s armed conflict has created 1.5 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)—more than half are women. Many are unemployed, facing unequal access to resources, education, services, and political decision-making. We aim to help disp…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Commons for Europe 2019

Systemic crises in Europe have damaged trust in democratic representation. Meanwhile, many crises have been met with fresh alternatives using the collaborative practices of the Commons. Europe, as a beacon of progressive values, can lead t…
Social inclusion | Urban development

astronomy-rules for +democracy & world-wide-wealth

Paradise on Earth – an astronomy approach. In 100 years: 1% firms survive – vs 99,999…% stars. I invented the time- & space- formulas and applied astronomy-rules on economy and politics. I used: 1. Star-Birth-Energy: as LWB (Lifetime-Worki…

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