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Democracy and participation | Migration

Migrant integration & multistakeholder governance?

The great influx of migrants since 2015 has the EU facing an enormous task. European cities play a decisive role in successful migrant integration and in finding solutions for multiple challenges. Key representatives from city authorities,…
Migration | Communities

Local activists against xenophobia

We want to support informal groups of people in small communities that are willing to counteract xenophobia in their cities, but do not have enough knowledge or tools to work. They also have no financial and formal support from the local a…
Migration | Education

Seeing is believing - is all the news credible?

Has Tina Turner died? Twice only last year, according to some Polish news. News influence the way we see the world and its problems. •Challenge: fake or manipulated news add to negative attitudes towards refugees; •Objective: teach how t…
Social inclusion | Migration

From distrust to cooperation. From slums to house.

25 years of Roma slums resulted only in conflict of responsibility between municipality and activists, in which we join as mediators.. After 2 years more than 100 people live in training houses and start working or attend to school. We wo…

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