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Environment | Education

School as a model for sustainable development

A School model where children grow smart by nature, by technology and science and smart by school environment and community. School environment created through nature based solutions, bioeconomy, ecosystem services, art, crafts, music, g...
Democracy and participation | Education

Home of Democracy

Home of Democracy is an online tool for civic education intended for young people from Bulgaria, R. of Macedonia,Albania. Configured as a game, participants will enter and solve cases in 3 different simulation Rooms -1.local council, 2.c...
Democracy and participation | Education

Legacies of Communism in Europe

We want to conduct an oral history project that preserves personal memories of people who lived in socialism and reuse them by engaging the new millennial generation (18‐34). Our aim is connecting the goal of democratic consolidation on...
Democracy and participation | Education

Knowledge against corruption

In Bulgaria ( and other countries) you hear a lot about corruption, but my understanding is that people don't realize how this effects their life. Idea is to explain corruption and how it effects us trough short videos, exibitions with p...

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