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Communities | Urban development

Bridges of divided cities

Two sides in conflict, and one journalist from each of them - on a joint task! The idea of the project is to bring together journalists from the divided cities of Europe: Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovska Mitrovica (Kosovo), Nicosi…
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

Streets for cyclists

We want to connect the artistic tendencies of the Applied Theater with a bicycle community, which will be expanded by the choice of theater tools as we hope.We cyclists in Belgrade often feel oppressed. Our goal is certainly to increase th…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

The Crowdsourced City: On Tour

Cities need to be created with and not just for people. This project is a workshop-based road trip through eight European cities to meet partners, and co-organize pop-up interventions in different public spaces with local communities. The …
Urban development | Arts and cultural activities

Art Shelter

In the part of the city numbering 50,000 residents – Novo Naselje, the Art Shelter will stimulate passive society by bridging needs of the purposeless youth and the hard living conditions. Local, and regional artists would present their wo…
Democracy and participation | Urban development


In rural country's there is a big problem that citizens mostly women don't know their rights. We need to help them out. By making educational working group, with promo material that contains basic rights, people would know their rights.
Environment | Urban development

Public showers for homeless, refugees and …

In the the research conducted among the homeless and refugees, as well as transit passengers, the biggest problem of every country are public showers that do not exist, or there is not enough. In Serbia there are none at all. By purchasing…

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