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Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

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Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

The true meaning of Satire against Hate Speech …

Mine Vaganti NGO will implement a 7 day open awareness raising seminar aimed at sensitizing the general public, and in particular youth categories, about the potential of Satire a tool of active citizenship as well as a powerful instrumen…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Dysphonia, Echoes of the Body in Contemporary …

This is a project to be developed by GRIOT, an NGO and theater company that since 2009, investigates the contemporary and emergent afro-european identity in Europe and its implications in art and in society. The project includes 4 activit…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

The Best of Us_Paths of Memory

The project raises questions about isolation, loneliness, self-awareness, social integration and the share of knowledge among elderly communities. It links visual (photography) and movement (dance) artists with a group of elderly from Lisb…
Social inclusion | Communities


H4PPS is a technology-based platform targeted for social innovation in order to promote synergies that enable the resolution of current challenges and the potentiation of the general welfare of the community. Throughout H4PPS, students fro…
Social inclusion


There are many people who are not feeling tuned with themselves, their lifes, the others or with the community. Many people dont ask for a professional help because of the social stigma, or because the lack of money to go to a clinic. We s…
Social inclusion | Urban development

Lisbon State of Mind - You are the City!

Lisbon State of Mind is a platform where you can find and offer skills... Locally! The website is almost ready, but not online yet.

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