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Democracy and participation | Migration


We will document and unveil the stories of immigrants in Eastern EU countries and the Balkans in order to show what difficulties they face when trying to integrate. There will be interviews with refugees in RO, HU and BG, followed by publi…
Migration | Communities

Village Europa

Although Romania is one of the countries with the highest economic migrants in Europe (17% of the population), just 26% of the Romanians have ever traveled outside the country. As a result the Romanian society confronts itself with two maj…
Social inclusion | Migration

Hotel Europa

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis the xenophobia and especially islamophobia is on the rise in the European society due to nationalistic propaganda and fake news. To bridge this gap, to counter nationalistic propaganda and to help …
Democracy and participation | Migration

Communities Embrace

We will make refugees and Romanians meet and get to know each other. Work together as a team. Embrace a shared goal in the benefit of their community.
Migration | Communities

Mapping Conflicts around Relocation and …

Due to the current situation in Syria, a huge amount of people have been displaced, with some of them seeking asylum in EU. The existing policies have not been proven adequate or well-planned so far. Due to that, conflicts have been escala…

IWB for Refugees

Following the same set of guidelines we will draft 28 reports on the refugee issue in every single member state, analyzing the national legislation, the social life, interviews, the way media is depicting the topic, etc. Once these 28 rep…

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