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Democracy and participation | Migration

“Europe – interested insight”

Europe faces many problems today. It is sometimes much easier to find solutions to those problems, for the ones with fresh insight. So, we planned to organize 24 discussions with political scientists; international relations specialists; m…
Democracy and participation | Migration

Prevention of migration to Europe native Armenians

More than 15 thousand Syrian Armenians arrived into Armenia in recent years as a result of the armed conflict in Syria. Besides social and psychological issues, they face employment and housing problems in Armenia where severe socio-econo…
Democracy and participation | Migration

The way home

Mass migration is undesirable not only for recipient countries of migrants. It is no less problematic for donor countries. Because of the constant emigration of the population, our country is devastated. The main goal of this project is to…

Let's stop the wave of migration

The poverty is the main driving force of migration. After devastating earthquake in 1988, Gyumri city, Shirak Province remains the poorest one, where housing shock remains top issue and the poverty rate makes up 44.2 percent. To mitigate p…
Social inclusion | Migration

People for People

The main idea of the project is to create an online platform, where people, who have unused goods (wearing, toys, etc.) can publish the list of these products and about their willingness to get rid of them and invite orphanages, charity or…

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