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Democracy and participation | Environment

ECO-MED Food Empowerment Centres

Many Southern Europeans have suffered with economic crises and austerity measures, losing access to healthy food. Nevertheless, there is tremendous potential for creating or restoring both sustainable and affordable local food systems with…
Democracy and participation | Environment


Thousands of people take grassroots action in Europe to oppose socio-environmental threats to their communities- trying to stop, remediate and find alternative to negative development, extractation, production and waste projects affecting …
Democracy and participation | Environment

WOHPE - Women for Health, Peace and Environment

Socio-environmental issues are among the most urgent challenges to be addressed to guarantee a future to the next generations. Often in the shadow, women are the heart of most struggles in defense of the environment and the health of their…
Democracy and participation | Environment

EU Comission should buy crude for EU state members

EU Comission could buy crude for all EU state members every 6 months paying in euros directly to the crude state producers without any intermediaries. This simple policy could save thousand milion euros, controling state members public def…
Environment | Communities


Permalab is an autarchic co-working and co-living base camp in Portugal that welcomes nomadic interdisciplinary entrepreneurs, facilitators, permaculturists, artists, healers, artisans, architects, engineers and designers to develop perma…

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