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Democracy and participation | Environment

WOHPE - Women for Health, Peace and Environment

Socio-environmental issues are among the most urgent challenges to be addressed to guarantee a future to the next generations. Often in the shadow, women are the heart of most struggles in defense of the environment and the health of their…
Democracy and participation | Environment

EU Comission should buy crude for EU state members

EU Comission could buy crude for all EU state members every 6 months paying in euros directly to the crude state producers without any intermediaries. This simple policy could save thousand milion euros, controling state members public def…
Environment | Education

The Selitsa Project

Round about 20% of the land of Europe is declared as a protected area called Natura2000. Sadly, most of this places are still in danger. Human kind hasn`t got the appropriate education yet. We don`t know how to live in and make use of Nat…
Democracy and participation | Environment

Eco Whirl

The circle is a symbol of circular economy, but in each spiral of the whirl a new bigger circle is created. It expresses our desire to pull as many people as possible together to minimize waste. We now collect toothbrushes, tones of which …
Democracy and participation | Environment

Civic air pollution monitoring system (CAPMS)

The system will provide information about air pollution components and their origins in the city in the near real time. The system words due to the participation of the citizens of Chelyabinsk that let to install on their houses/offices an…
Environment | Communities

Connect and work together.

What makes us happy in life is feeling connected. That being our relatives, friends, humanity or the Nature. Or why not all of them? What prevents this to happen is that we don't know how to do it. My proposal is to perform a track of …
Democracy and participation | Environment

Transformative Blue Skills

The European Agenda for Blue Growth represents a transformation process of the human-ocean-relationship with opportunities and risks to the ocean and cultural identities. Support for the understanding of economic opportunities, cultural ch…
Democracy and participation | Environment

Local Action - Global Impact

It is an opportunity for more than 5000 inhabitants of Vorniceni village to participate in the project implementation particularly those working abroad that may contribute financially. 2. There are more and more discussions about ecologica…
Environment | Social inclusion

The Solidarity Fridge

For the first time Budva, with 19,218 inhabitants, will initiate a pioneering project aimed at tackling food wastage. We propose the first “solidarity fridge”, in which residents, bakeries, and restaurants can drop off leftover or unused f…

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