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Democracy and participation | Education

European House Parliaments (HP)

A truly united Europe will only work if we better understand each other. We need an organised process of debating and listening. The objective is to impact European policy making and European public awareness by bringing original voices to…
Democracy and participation | Education

#LIsten, Speak, Act. Young Democrats take over

Bringing together youth from different social backrounds to interract in a close and productive working relationship groups. 10 young people (refugees and locals from Thessaloniki) and 10 from Cologne wil produce a media campaign about the…
Democracy and participation | Education

Students fight Plagiarism and Corruption aspects

We design a 5-day workshop programme for up to 25 young students led by experts from the academic, political and civil society sectors on best practices in the fight of corruption and plagiarism. Trained in project management, students are…
Democracy and participation | Education

"European Identity in all its Diversity”

The strength of Europe is its unity - acting on common goals and with common values, while at the same time honoring and celebrating its diversity. Contrary to rising nationalism through protective and fearful populists and politicians, th…
Environment | Education

Water compensation for our fashion consumption

Drip by Drip wants to establish the world's first water offset for the fashion industry comparable to carbon offsets in the transportation sector. Water pollution and unequal distribution are increasingly jeopardizing the lives of millions…
Social inclusion | Education

Let´s Go Viral!

Sexual health affects everyone. However, young people - especially in Germany - have little access to engaging information online. This is a missed opportunity to prevent harm, fear and social exclusion. We create a fun and interactive soc…
Democracy and participation | Education

European election compass

The European election compass is a handy online application that helps to find relevant information on digital topics in party programs. It will take only several clicks to read though hundreds of pages. Just chose a key word - i.e. digita…
Democracy and participation | Education

School Visit Europe

What is Europe actually? Is it a geographic border, a cultural identity, a coalition of states? Solidarity and competition, cooperation and egoism - how are they implemented in the idea of a political Europe. 15 Teenagers gather around a t…
Arts and cultural activities | Education


Imagine life on an island, where borders are nothing less than the immensity of water. 10 photojournalists will portray the young generation and their liquid identities (Lampedusa, Lesbos, Cyprus…). In a second phase the photos will be exp…

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