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Democracy and participation | Education

Water for Democracy

In Europe most of us take clean water for granted. We also want to raise awareness of the right to clean water even in slums and refugee camps. We want to work with teachers and students in secondary schools across Europe while exploring i…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Collaborative map to prioritize and solve problems

Users can log issues on the website's map, and share them on social networks. Everyone can vote for each issue and describe how they're impacted, which gives us a list of problems prioritized by order of importance for any territory. Other…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Pro Bono across Europe

Everyone's got skills and talents to share, but not everyone knows who to share those skills with, and how. Furthermore, Europe is filled with outstanding non-profit organisations (NPOs) striving to solve pressing social issues, but lackin…
Democracy and participation

Youth Parliaments Operate on International Level

Youth Parliaments often stuck after a few month of their foundation, because the members are not enabled to do politics and because of missing incentives. Therefore we would like to train political tools and cooperate with youth parliament…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


Extreme political speeches attract more and more Europeans day after day. From an artistic investigation on the physical sensations of the extreme, we will create « Extreme? » a tool to build new representations of the extreme in Europe …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

European Heartbeats - From emotions to vision

What would emerge if a Polish plumber, a Belgian farmer, a German civil servant and a Greek chef shared their experiences, values and visions in relation to Europe, expressed what Europe means in their life, what makes their heart beat, ra…
Democracy and participation

Political Critique is an online magazine for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state. With our network of over 20 independent European publications we want to organize a series of real world meet-ups, to bridge the gap b…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

The Greater Europe Peace Orchestra

When the great conductor Daniel Barenboim thought of a way to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict, he resorted to the beauty of music. Since the Ukrainian crisis of 2014, Europe has its own conflict going on, and music can play a major rol…
Democracy and participation

Let me vote where I live!

Let Me Vote aims at granting European citizens the right to vote in regional and national elections in their EU country of residence regardless of nationality. Promoting the exercise of these civil rights will strengthen people’s feeling o…

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