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Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Radio Avocado

Do the Millennials spend all their time eating avocado toasts? No. Do they participate in the social and political life? Some of them. With this series of radio documentaries and podcasts we aim to investigate different ways how the young …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Resistance Art Week (RAW)

Hundreds of artists leave their counties and seek asylum in Europe because their voices have been silenced. RAW is a forum that gathers exile artists currently living in EU and artists who’s art is a subject for the persecution in their ow…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

MuseIC of Diversity

To support Armenia's EU aspirations, MuseIC exposes local rural communities to European culture and democratic values through an innovative program at SMART Center, COAF's remarkably unique new informal education hub. Through a combination…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Foster the European spirit in all parts of Europe

ILI wants to strengthen the European spirit, which is crucial for the cohesion in Europe, which is very important especially nowadays in times of big global changes. This project wants to stress the shared European identity and the common …
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


Revive toy culture. Through design and education instil tolerance and understanding in children, teaching acceptance of differences in cultural/social background, religion, ability, or gender. Through workshops, an exhibition and a design …
Arts and cultural activities | Education


We would like to organise a several days’ duration meeting of exhibitioners of the NGO GFPS, which is arranged every semester in different cities of DE, PL and CZE. At this rally are presented exhibitioners’ projects, due to which they gai…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


From July 2016, Slovak Republic will chair the Council of the EU. The entire Europe will direct its attention to our political scene and citizens. No easy ride. Slovakia is infamous for its negative attitude to quotas for refugees, to mino…
Arts and cultural activities | Democracy and participation


MIX is a creative artistic-scientific collaboration between young chemists and interactive theatre artists from Armenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Young professionals will produce a 30-minute interactive scientific show for schoolchi…

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