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Democracy and participation | Environment

Just transition in coal regions – let’s do it!

Citizens, mine workers, regional development planners, coaches, media representatives, decision makers, innovative entrepreneurs –change makers from coal regions in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia develop in hackathons visions of a j...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

The Sand. Coming Home

The project explores the contribution of communities hosting refugees and displaced people to the development and preservation of European democracy through the exchange of values. It reflects upon the collaboration of experiences, both ...
Democracy and participation | Education

Cinema Voice for Civil Society

They say, “a picture is worth of thousand words”, but how about the power of movies? We believe that it is possible to reinforce the local community towards a stronger civil society. Film-making is chosen as the main tool because it wil...
Democracy and participation

Want Europe to be better and prosperous for every?

Project aims to create community in Europe devoted to the principles of participatory democracy. To this end to find such local communities in each country, arrange European meeting for their representatives to collect such practices, to...
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Educational TV program We Mean Business Code

New Democracies suffer from non-inclusion into European community. Lack of soft skills prevent people from finding path to partnership with European peers, gaining already existing expertise. Negotiations in business fail due to misunder...
Democracy and participation | Education

Open Europe 365/12

The project is aimed at forming a pro-European orientation and motivation for self-development in young people. Thematic events will be held every month during the year: 6 events aimed at introducing Ukrainian youth to the traditions, cu...
Democracy and participation | Education

United for peace

The project will address the growing tensions in the EU Eastern border. This will be achieved through the implementation of a problem-solving mechanism among civil society actors coming from our 4 target countries. The mechanism will lea...
Migration | Education

Skills or Social Allowance? (SSA)

The European migration policy of "open doors" is a worldwide geopolitical challenge. In 2017, the EU adopted over a million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other hot spots. The online platform “SSA” is an interactive didactic ...
Democracy and participation

Youth Parliaments Operate on International Level

Youth Parliaments often stuck after a few month of their foundation, because the members are not enabled to do politics and because of missing incentives. Therefore we would like to train political tools and cooperate with youth parliame...

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