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Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Museum of Corruption / MoC/

MoC is an interdisciplinary stage for researching and displaying a virtual collection of clandestine transactions outside officially recognized channels; rumors, scandals, gossip that swirl around those cryptic relations. While creating ...

uty on the route from Preševo to Belgrade.

Duty on the route from Preševo to Belgrade. Providing all kinds of assistance to migrants from filling out the form to providing information about the movement through Serbia. We have a volunteer who knows Arabic.
Environment | Communities

The Center for Garbage Studies

The Center for Garbage Studies represents a community driven platform for knowledge and experience sharing in finding sustainable solutions regarding waste issues. Through five concepts: Rethink, Reconnect, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (5Rs...
Democracy and participation

Just Like Me - Facilitating Cross

Empower Youth and Celebrate Empathy and Engagement! Catalyst and MTV Adria propose engaging young people to develop, plan and give to community-based projects while expanding the storytelling about what happens when young people come to...
Migration | Social inclusion


WINK FOR HELP is a campaign to design and launch a new internationally recognized body language sign. WINK FOR HELP will be a silent SOS signal to warn authorities, that you require their assistance. The goal is to firstly apply it to ai...
Arts and cultural activities


If Shakespeare was alive, he would get much inspiration to shake European sphere again. His 400th death anniversary is marked by changes. Not only refugee crisis, but effects of economic crisis, bloom of right-wing nationalism, xenophobi...
Social inclusion | Education

„Balkan heart“ - a co working & co

Old ethnic divisions and conflicts in the Balkans are still successfully projected on new generations of youth. This is why we have the impression that we are in between two rounds of boxing. Socially isolated Balkan youth do not share ...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building Bridges to Break the Prejudice Over …

The Balkans countries continue to face many challenges and obstacles towards their final integration in the European Union. As a post conflict region there are still many issues within the countries which remain unsolved and on the other...
Social inclusion | Communities

Unsung Heroes for Happier Europe

Kindness is free, viral and trans-cultural. An act of kindness is inspiring daily change by touching hearts everywhere across our planet as it goes beyond any cultural, racial or geographical divides. We all know these people who bring t...

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