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Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

Streets for cyclists

We want to connect the artistic tendencies of the Applied Theater with a bicycle community, which will be expanded by the choice of theater tools as we hope.We cyclists in Belgrade often feel oppressed. Our goal is certainly to increase ...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Museum of Corruption / MoC/

MoC is an interdisciplinary stage for researching and displaying a virtual collection of clandestine transactions outside officially recognized channels; rumors, scandals, gossip that swirl around those cryptic relations. While creating ...
Arts and cultural activities


If Shakespeare was alive, he would get much inspiration to shake European sphere again. His 400th death anniversary is marked by changes. Not only refugee crisis, but effects of economic crisis, bloom of right-wing nationalism, xenophobi...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

European Drag Queen Summit

Europe is facing both a conservative and nationalist backslash. It is time to ask the Drag Queens for support. As spokespersons of European LGBT Communities since the Gay Liberation Movements in the 1970es, they know how to build communi...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


Project aims to promote intercultural dialogue among high school students by using documentary film as a tool for sharing their socio-cultural background. 12 students interested in documentary film-making, and belonging to different ethn...
Urban development | Arts and cultural activities

Art Shelter

In the part of the city numbering 50,000 residents – Novo Naselje, the Art Shelter will stimulate passive society by bridging needs of the purposeless youth and the hard living conditions. Local, and regional artists would present their ...
Arts and cultural activities

Spirit of Europe

Spirit of Europe is a unique European way connecting different European regions together in artwork, through understanding cultural diversity, facilitates connections or reduces barriers between diverse groups, and sustains the well-bein...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

The Threepenny Theater

Threepenny Theatre has a vision of creating a common space for professional and non-professional theatre artists where they can work, create and explore theatre as a communication model for dealing with the questions of social justice, d...
Arts and cultural activities

Revealing Europe: Portraits, Places and Emotions

Revealing Europe: Portraits, Places and Emotions aims to address to citizens of RS and EU by showing the real face of Europe, enhancing fraternal feelings and raising awareness of belonging to a bigger group. There will be an open call f...

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