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Democracy and participation | Communities

Fields of dialogue

"Field of Dialogue” is a new dialogue format we want to develop to give space for meaningful discussions like “What is the society we want to live in?”, "What should change in our village?" or “What Europe could be for us?”. A format acc...

Cooperatives of Open Education

The project embraces the teachers and students from all over Poland, who with the support of partners from the world of science, business and art create (in small groups) open educational resources. The method is based on cooperation and...
Democracy and participation

Proud of Poland, proud of Europe

EU needs a new narrative in Poland. While EU support is high, it’s not deeply rooted and EU does not evoke emotions. Politicians are juxtaposing Polish sovereignty with EU membership to gain political capital. Anti-EU discourse is prevai...
Democracy and participation | Migration

Migrant integration & multistakeholder governance?

The great influx of migrants since 2015 has the EU facing an enormous task. European cities play a decisive role in successful migrant integration and in finding solutions for multiple challenges. Key representatives from city authoritie...
Migration | Communities

Local activists against xenophobia

We want to support informal groups of people in small communities that are willing to counteract xenophobia in their cities, but do not have enough knowledge or tools to work. They also have no financial and formal support from the local...
Democracy and participation | Education

Young visions for alternatives in coal regions

A clean and green Europe depends on us moving away from coal. Young people are the ones whose well-being depends on today's decisions in coal mining regions. Despite this fact, decision makers usually don´t ask them about their opinion o...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Voices of Change

In Eastern Europe, where democracy is at struggle and political power is in hands of unchangeable old leaders, young generation has a say. “Voices of Change” is a project about and for young change-makers: those who step to the streets a...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Supporting of Seniors' initiatives

We will create the first International Crowd Funding plartform for Seniors' initiatives. We are try to create all conditions for the active ageing in the countries of EaP and EU. We are sure that our project will developed the Seniors' s...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Lies that can kill or Victims of disinformation

Do you know that: The EU is going to ban snowmen!? Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler!? In Ukraine, the Nazis live, and Poland unleashed the Second World War!? Disinformation manipulates citizens and poses a threat to sovere...

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