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Communities | Urban development

Do Tank

DRAW&WRITE: Kids from Skopje will be asked to submit their drawings and essays on how they imagine their ideal future city. SHARE: The submissions will be uploaded on a website for the world to see. THINK&MAKE CONNECTIONS: Young Europea...
Environment | Education

Europe needs (clean) air!

Air is the most common asset of all Europeans, probably the only one making them equal throughout Europe – its quality determines quality of life of all Europeans, whether poor or rich, young or elderly, educated or ignorant, EU or non-E...

Grünes Netzwerk

In Veles, einer Stadt in Mazedonien, sind Umweltgifte wie Blei und Zink aus alten Fabriksstandorten auf hohem Niveau. Der Bevölkerung fehlt das Umweltbewusstsein. Das grüne Netzwerk verbindet Ökonews (Österreich) und Integracija Malo Mov...

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