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Democracy and participation | Communities

Experience the magic of giving!

What can I do for things to change? Many Hungarians face this question and feel isolated, powerless and wait for problems be solved. We believe giving is an act of participation and a way of influencing community growth. We aim to create...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

THE NEIGHBOUR'S WINDOW – calling on bystanders

We aim to organise media literacy workshops and debate training to accompany a traveling exhibit of art installations produced by students in six diverse schools across Hungary on the role and responsibility of bystanders in the past and...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Salon for Social Art

The Salon for Social Art brings all different members of a community together . The general design is the free dialogue with the audience on the basis of an artistic introduction in the form of a performance and a topic-specific speech. ...
Social inclusion | Communities

RENGETEG - The Spot of Experience

RENGETEG is an empowering place where no matter if you are a Roma kid from the poorest part of Hungary or a top manager from a multinational company, you will have the same chance to learn something new about yourself, about your social ...
Migration | Education

Education as Advocacy: Giving Voice to Refugees

People fleeing conflict or desperate situations seek refuge in Europe, only to find that they are marginalized from public life and democratic participation. The aim of our project is to ensure the meaningful inclusion and participation ...
Democracy and participation | Education

Face The Past To Have A Future – Common Ground 2.0

To develop a culture of civil debatge about historical controversies and foster a spirit of informed and engaged citizenship in secondary school students, allowing for pluralism and the respect of differing opinions. In 2017 we creat...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Zone - Find the guilty ones!

Young people look for the disappeared son of the major of an imaginary city in the slum, where different vulnerable groups live separately. During their investigation they meet vulnerable people and find different traces. They recognize ...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Compact for Europe

Our goal is to inspire young people to take over social responsibility in their home countries by giving them the practical tools and by jointly developing values which provide orientation in combating social problems on the ground. The ...
Democracy and participation

Great experiences - greater audience

We operate the only crowdfunding platform for nonprofits in Hungary, and we have created a special type of campaign based on the idea of, where the donor has a chance to win a unique experience with a celebrity. In this project...

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