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Social inclusion | Communities

Counselling: help others, empower yourself!

Counselling platform fostering interaction between -the youth (faced with aggression, bullying, soc. exclusion) -their minority peers (wanting to offer their emotional support on a voluntarily basis) We believe that sustained support of…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Community EdUhub

Eduhub and its educational activities will help activate youth, women and other social groups to make connections between each other, be more visible in Georgia and connect with youth and other communities in European countries. By being …
Communities | Education

Hate Free Cities

Hate Free Cities is a long-term project connecting 4 cities in 4 countries - Brno, Czech republic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Tbilisi, Georgia and Lodz, Poland to become cities without hate speech. We are bringing innovative approaches to l…
Democracy and participation | Communities

House of Nationalities

House of Nationalities was recently created at Tbilisi municipality with task to promote ethnic and religious diversity and diversity management. Members of more than 20 religious and ethnic minority groups are represented. It’s a space an…

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